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09 December 2013 @ 08:12 pm

Jean Kirschtein didn’t think he’s particularly a lucky person.  Just yesterday, he got 98 in a test he didn’t study for, but a week before, he had woken up in the wrong side of the bed and when he got his coffee the barista got the wrong order and Jean didn’t have the time to wait for a new one because he was late; then at school he found out that the first and second class was canceled.

Statistically, he was totally ordinary.  The average number he got from rolling the die was 3.46, and half the time when he tossed a coin he’d get a head.

So it came as a surprise that a genie was in front of him right now, saying that he would grant all of his wish- all of it. 

"Not only three?" asked Jean, just to be sure.

The genie’s eyes widened.  He didn’t really look like a genie- not blue and bald with a ponytail and those were definitely great some great legs.  “You only want three?”

Jean vehemently denied.  Any kind of wish, Jean couldn’t really get his head around that.  He could have everything.  This was too good to be true- maybe the day after tomorrow he would get into an accident or something to balance all of this luckiness out.

"Good," the genie nodded in approval, the jewelry in his forehead tinkled as he did so.  He was very attractive, for a genie.  For one, he looked like he belonged to a porn movie featuring some ancient sex slavery or something.  It’d probably have a title, Arabian Heat.

"Because that would be a stupid thing to do," the genie continued.

"Excuse me," said Jean, because did he just belittle his new master?

The genie shrugged.  The transparent veil headdress that he wore fluttered against his golden collarbone.

"I’m Eren Jaeger," he introduced himself.  Jean raised an eyebrow- the name sounded very German-y.  If he didn’t see it by his own eyes that Eren didn’t come out from the lamp and wasn’t floating right now, he would’ve kicked the kid a long time ago because the prank wasn’t funny.

Seeing that Jean wasn’t going to introduce himself anytime soon, Eren sort of swam towards him and drawled very annoyingly, “and you aaareeee?”

Jean took a step back.  Something about the genie made him want to punch the other hard in the face, but he figured he’d do that when he got at least one wish granted.  Trust him to get the most annoying genie ever- maybe this was the equivalent exchange for all the wishes that would come true.

"Shouldn’t you, like, I don’t know, call me a master or something?"

Eren grimaced.  “Meh.  As if I’d call a horseface like you master.”

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27 August 2013 @ 08:33 pm

I just finished watching Rebuild Evangelion  so being a nerd I am I hunted for every single fanfiction out there.

pairing: kawoshin

  • Somewhere Out There, by Phollie. M.
    "Before you and I met, I think we were considered strangers." There’s a pause. It’s not like Kaworu to pause. Then, on little more than a whisper, he says, "Yet I wonder if you’d believe me if I said that wasn’t true."
    In depth porn with characterization.  Lovely, lovely description.  Rather than making me hot this makes me wanna lie down in the floor and cry and die because the whole act isn’t real, because Shinji is happy hnghh. You know it aint real when Shinji is happy :’(

  • Frailty by Phollie. M
    "You take up such little space, and yet you still remain the center of one’s universe. How?"

  • Maybe by TGP
    Tabris is the angel of free will. He thinks maybe it’s time to use it.
    In which Kaworu lived and died and lived again and desperately was looking for a world where Shinji needed him, but in the end he was brought to the start again. Happy ending. There was two sequels, one of them is a good porn and the other I do not read because I just cannot ruin a good happy ending.

09 March 2012 @ 12:57 pm

Chapter 5.  And when I lose myself I’ll think of you

Haru promised him a secret place where you always could see the stars and the sky would always be blue, where winters couldn’t stop tiny flowers to bud and summers wouldn’t let green grass to wilt.  Tsuna did not know there was such place in Namimori.  He asked was it okay to share it with him, because if he knew then the place wouldn’t be a secret anymore. 

Of course it was okay.  Tsuna was a special person, Haru told him.  The boy said he couldn’t wait to go, and she answered they had to wait for the perfect moment.

“When?” Haru repeated and laughed, but unlike the other times, this one was somehow more subdued.  “When it comes, you’ll know,”

Tsuna hated that kind of answer.  In movies when such thing was uttered nothing went right.  Most of the times, someone died.

(Please, Tsuna wished desperately. Please.)Collapse )

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16 February 2012 @ 05:10 pm

Chapter 4.15: It’s hard to find a good glue for a broken doll.

Pretty things didn’t last long.

When he was a young boy, Gokudera’s world wasn’t about the next episode of power ranger (“Hey, hey, have you heard?  They said the red ranger would defeat that monster!”) or whether Ash would catch his first wild pokemon.  There was bad blood, yes, and trainings that just wouldn’t end and hidden poisonous food and that piano lesson whose teacher slammed the piano’s lid on Gokudera’s hands.

Then there was his mother, the only beautiful thing that he could remember from his past.  Good person die young, she’d said wisely once, and Gokudera’s dreams were haunted after that, of his mother whose face he would later forget because she’d left him soon, too soon, and then his father who was just so evil he wouldn’t die.  His mom died in the end.  His dad didn’t.  Gokudera knew whom to hate now.

Right in this second the same desperate and frightened feeling filled his lungs up that he couldn’t breathe, because Tsuna was not just a little bit of both; he was more, more, too pretty and too nice, and even he was more than just too pretty and too nice.  Just look at him now—still managing to squeeze air out of Gokudera’s chest despite of the bags under his eyes and the downward curves of his lips, pretty, pretty, just like his mother would purr to a cute brown bird on the window sill.

Read more...Collapse )

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10 January 2012 @ 09:44 pm
A Natsume Yuujinchou and Katekyo Hitman Reborn Crossover

Warning: Nothing.
Characters:  Natsume Takashi, Nyanko-sensei, Sawada Tsunayoshi, and Giotto.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Natsume Yuujinchou and I don’t make any profits from this.


The theme park was very loud and crowded.  Adding Nyanko-sensei screeches in the background, the noises were borderline annoying.

“Natsume!  Look, look!  They have tuna-flavored ice cream!  Get me one!”

“Go away,” Natsume mumbled tiredly.  “I can’t have my friends see you, can I now?”

“Fool!  You should be proud to be seen with such magnificent being as I am!”  Nyanko-sensei cried out, his eyes crossing in a skewed v. 

The addressed fool rubbed his eyes tiredly.  “Go pretend to be a stray cat or something,” Natsume said, pushing the cat away from his lap.  Though it’s almost impossible, your pudgy bum could be recognized even from the Statue of Liberty, Natsume added silently, but he was too nice to say that out loud. 

Natsume had always been too nice, it was bad. Collapse )


Disclaimer:  I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn nor I make money out of this.

Chapter Four: If Life is a human, maybe to the mortals he is God personified.

It was not a daily occurrence for Tsuna to wake up without a gun or anything sharp and most potentially harmful pointed to his head.  Nowadays there hadn’t even been one.  Maybe it was because Tsuna woke up before Reborn did, or maybe because the hitman hadn’t been camping in his room.  Either way, the void of his nightmare won, starting him up before the sun rose; the black tendrils of the unknown killer’s shadows waved and tried to choke him.

Tsuna was an expert in recalling his dream—a skill he just retained three, no, four days ago—but right now he didn’t even know whether he had a dream or not.  Every time he focused on the back of his eyelids, there were blacks and oranges, memories of sinful pleasure and delicious pain down his spines, a poor imitation of Hibari’s touch exactly on the same place several hours ago.  When he opened his eyes, the ecstasy seemed to good to be true.

It was as if the truths were so far away; that his mother would have opened the door and scolded him because even warzone was neater than his room.  She would have blissfully ignored the fact that the air smelled like excessive sweat and sex, but she must’ve known, since she would have thrown a wink before closing the door behind her.  But then again, maybe if Nana hadn’t died, they would not have sex (“We are making love, Tsunayoshi,” Hibari whispered somewhere down his inner thigh) in the first place.

But maybe they still would. Collapse )

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15 November 2011 @ 02:27 am
Before starting... I just have to post this:

[Oh my God, Cloud, you pretty boy you.]

That is certainly a nice picture up there.  You can just stare at it for an hour straight without getting bored.  Just look.  I know we girls think of the same line: "OMO HE'S PRETTIER THAN ME".  I know.  I hate it too, but Cloud is just so hot.  I don't mind he's prettier than me.

Anyways, right now we're talking about Totally Captivated!  (claps claps).  Introducing the seme, evil smexy bastard Mookyul:

Okay.  If that image alone does not turn you on, here is another image:

[Ignore the roses, because he's a Badass Seme.  And apparently, he's huge.]
Source for both image: here 

The uke looks good, too.  Can't find a nice colored picture about him, though.  It's such a disappointment that the scanlation that I read rarely contains colored drawings.

Anyways, if you're looking for a light yaoi manga, this is it.  If you like Junjou Romantica, DUDE, READ THIS MANGA RIGHT NAOO.  If you're looking for some moans, you will not find it.  This manhwa (korean manga) is, damn, it's only PG 15.  But hey, if you're looking for the seme getting undressed and shirtless and all, (seeing two hot pictures above), there's a lot of it!  Don't worry! 

There was no sex.  At all.  You will find them getting dressed after having sex, sure, and Mookyul being overly possessive and biting Ewon (the uke)'s ears every chance he got (I love it when that happens).  This is not yaoi.  It has plot.  Lots of dramas, like those on Korean drama, lol.  As usual, there was The Other Guy who loved the uke for like, ten years, and he was constantly pining him to be his catcher (surprise, surprise, the uke was actually a natural seme, but Mookyul was just huge--Rule no. 1:  Seme Must Be Taller than Yaoi and Bigger in Every Way Possible) but alas, he was wasted.  Every Guy Wants Him applied on both Mookyul and Ewon--dude, even Mookyul's step dad had some hots for his son.  Don't let this stop you from reading, I know it's an 'Ew, No.  Just No.'  moment, but the plot is good enough that you should totally go on.

Oh.  And there was no sex until the very last chapter.  Have I said that?  Dang.  The ending was really usual, happy and all, and there was no sex, making my fujoshi senses go tingling like "DUDE WHERE IS THE HOT MAD GAY SEX" fsdjhjadfs.  It's all implied it made me want to chew on some plushies.

So this is what happened in the story:  Once, there was an Ewon, a bishie.  He cheated on his ex and his ex revenged by dating Mookyul, another bishie.  (Bishies stick together, we know that.)  Mookyul is this Walking Sex God, mafia boss and all that jazz, and he forced Ewon to work under him for a while as a payment for cheating on his ex. 

Turned out Mookyul wanted Ewon to work under him, literally.

Of course the plot wasn't as simple as that.  There were some small twists which were a pleasant surprise, and ewwwh moment was present as well, but it was a worth read.  If you love possessive seme, GIRLS, GO FOR IT.  Part of why Mookyul loved to bite Ewon so much was because even though he already 'took' him, it just wasn't enough and he didn't know what to do to make Ewon his even more.  He wanted to cage Ewon away and crawl with him inside, he would kill people who touched just the tip of Ewon's hair.  Ewon must be home ten minutes after school, or he would get punished.

It's super cute with angst and dark theme.  I will remind you once more, for Shonen-ai lovers and Yaoi lovers, This is Not Yaoi.  If you're looking for Yaoi for this manga, read the doujinshi, you can find it on google.  It's called Totally Spying on Them (yum), How to Live with  a Beast (rawr), and one more, but I forgot what.

Go read the manhwa here!

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a POTTERMORE Beta Review
I just got my Hogwarts Acceptance letter (aka. my Pottermore email) three days ago and I've been exploring Pottermore on every hour I'm awake ever since.  As a I-will-die-for-Harry-Potter fan, I enjoyed it, naturally, even though there are some things I would love the developer could alter.
What they need to improve:

1.  A good feedback system.
I clicked Beta-feedback button and it brought me to a page which basically you just comment on the layout and design of the page.  It just touched the surface, really, and you can't do a detailed comment and further review.  It's more like questionaire.  

There should be a box where you can put in numbers what you love to see in Pottermore, because well duh, they certainly need suggestions and new ideas.  I believe no one really screened the 140 characters comment on every page, in where people usually dump their feelings about the site as whole, so the developers could not really know what the fans wanted, really.  So basically you couldn't send them feedback right now.  (And, there are few chances the developers would read my article.  Or other blogs' article, I bet.)
Read more...Collapse )

18 August 2011 @ 09:34 pm
I'm back by  opening a t-shirts shop--right now I'm thinking of selling only Drarry stuffs!  Anyways, these are the designs that I'm selling right now (yet with more to come):

I'm open to suggestions and new designs that you want me to make.  Send me a PM and I'll see to it and try to make my design up to your expectations and sell it.  It's only $16.99 (without shipping, International shipping is available, and more colors are available).  Please check it out.  Thank you!
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